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Soft Play Sofa Set: Cozy and Safe for Kids

Soft Play Sofa Set: Cozy and Safe for Kids

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This adorable HOME DECOR - SOFA SET is the perfect addition to any child's room. Made with soft, child-friendly materials, this SOFA SET allows kids to play safely and comfortably. Expertly crafted for both style and function, it's a must-have for any family.


QUANTITY: 10 pcs

✅The play couch sofa great imaginative fun. A practical and multifunctional piece of furniture that should not be missed in a child's room. The sofa can be used as a mattress, a piece of furniture for sleeping and for sitting. Your little one can let off steam here, read a book, watch a story or simply relax

✅Soft, durable, odor-free, children-friendly materials. No sharp corners. Fold it up for easy storage.

✅Measurements: See image.

✅3 Colour options available as shown.

🧽 MATERIAL : Rexene, 30 - kg foam EU standard 

🚚 DELIVERY TIME: 10-12 days


  • Always supervise children during play.
  • Ensure the play area is free of obstacles and hazards.
  • Do not allow climbing on furniture or other objects near the set.
  • To clean, gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
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